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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Forgot You NotForgot you not

Forgot You Not Forgot you not

                           oo...Arkan, ever in life,
 always remember you on our sight. 
The memory pollens o' your beauty,
                 fill my heart in full fruity. 
         Your soil moon always gilitter,
      in the centre o' my memory sky. 
The cloud like arrays o' your green hill,
                       fload around that moon. 
With the language of south wind strung, 
the love garland of Rohingya brothership. 
With the touch of your fragrant air I built,
 the garland of patritic songs.
 The more enemies tourtur us withdeadly ways,
 the more you huge us with love string.
 The potrait of love alaways appearin our memories.
 How then could i foget you?
 Fogotyou not oo...Arkan. 

By delwar aye htun

Monday, April 1, 2013