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Monday, November 26, 2018

I Am A Traveller

I am a Traveller


On the long highway of life,
I passed behind multi lamp-posts,
through slow and speedy drive. 

Many scenes I saw, many events I felt.
They wrote huge page of my experience. 
With the torn and fracture voyage.

My craft is going far and far
Without stopping at station a while. 
The more it far, the more my end is near. 

Destination is rather unknown pity,
Wherever I reached by destiny.
Left a crawling point of history. 

There is no U-turn on journey. 
There is no options for opportunity.
Rushing with outfaced the enemy. 

Some are faster, some are later.
All are Like the fellow-travellers.
But no body waited for one another.

Where initial point and final point are lonely,
I am a Traveller of that journey.


Nov 26, 2018| 7:41 (Mon)

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