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Thursday, November 7, 2019



Bangladecót híjrot gorílam 
baindá gór feli 

Salot sailé soiñyor borá
Khetít sailé morisor horá
Góror duare hander kutta 
girós giya féli, 
Bangladecót híjrot gorilam, 
jati bái bóli!

Dehá gelé fukor thonki,
decór monot urér sonki.
Haire maa-baf hore gelí?
Añará Bangladecót híjrot gorí.

Hijrot gorílam Bormádec féli (II)




We migrated to Bangladesh leaving behind 
our beautiful homes

On our rooftop had dried food
In our field we had fresh chilies
we migrated to Bangladesh leaving 
everything behind thinking that 
we are of same (Muslim) brotherhood

Now when we look back to the East,
We remember many things of the past

O, where are my beloved parents?
You sent us to Bangladesh
We had to leave our beloved country Burma

Source: a group of undocumented female refugees from the hilltop area

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