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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My First Day in School [The Art Garden's Poem]

My First Day in School 

By Thida Shania 

In that morning, 
 I was so exciting. 
 Too early I went to school, 
 To find a seat in front.

My heart was filled with joy, 
 When I found the first seat in classroom 
 “This is not for kalar" Sayama told me.
She sent me back and I was shedding.

That day, she taught me something (discrimination) 
Not from curriculum but from her ill heart 
Me who went to school smiling, 
 And came back home crying.

[21/03/2019 ]

Poetess’s note : Sayama is for school madam in Burmese. 
                              Kalar is a racial slur for Rohingya used by Myanmar Buddhists.

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