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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tell Me What My Fault Is [The Art Garden's Poem]

Tell Me What My Fault Is!


For them (Burmese government),
I am a target of their bullets.
I am a Bengali or a Kalar. 
Sometimes, I am a terrorist.

My house, my mosque,
My school, my village; 
Remained no longer mine fully
All were snatched gradually.

But why? 
I am a human being too, 
With a heart that can feel,
Love, peace ever!

I have my own name 
What my parents call me affectionately.

I have a state too,
It is Arakan. 
In my beloved Myanmar 
Ancestrally, I belong it. 

So, why am I a victim of their racial slurs? 
Why am I an illegal immigrant at my homeland?
Why am I a Refugee? 
Why am I discriminated in my own country? 

O’ Dear world! 
 Tell me what my fault is, 
Is it just for being a Rohingya? 
Or because of my Religion? 


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