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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Last Shelter [The Art Garden's Poem]

My Last Shelter

By Rohang King 

In the hatred evolving environment, 
I have to live rotary. 
Among the swelling odor of enmity,
Where my mental picture can't breath free.

Surrounded me ghostly discriminators,
Oppressed me deeper and higher 
Elsewhere like cemetery, 
Open expand and silence destructed aviary.

My weaken sight can't dare
Even for a look, eyes flow nonstop tears 
Nature does not sing as before,
My verses look for a rhyme but tore.

Imagination is dizzying within restricted barrier,
Just want to escape to outside but not easier.

The power of thinking is lost her way,
I alone, now gradually losing ability to compose (by) astray.
That is my last shelter to be headway! 



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