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Friday, March 8, 2019

Calculation of the Heart

Calculation of the Heart


Zero plus zero is equal to zero.
Whatever it is, I want to be your hero.
One plus zero is equal to one.
If you are the light, I am the sun.
One plus one is equal to two
Your love in my heart does always grow.
One plus two is equal to three.
Only for you, my heart is in free.
One plus three is equal to four.
If I get you, I want no more.
One plus four is equal to five.
By giving your love, just save my life.
One plus five is equal to six
The date of our marraige I want to fix.
One plus six is equal to seven.
My heart to you has already been given.
One plus seven is equal to eight.
Understand my love before it gets late.
One plus eight is equal to nine.
Without you, the world of my heart does not shine.
One plus nine is equal to ten.
If I could show you my painful heart in hand!!

-Kaladan Star

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