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Monday, March 4, 2019

IF I Can …

If I can…


In the depth of my wrecked heart, there,
I always bear painful pasts that are worse than 
abysmal nightmares.

If I have (enough) strength enough to explain,
I'll expose everything which hurt me 
in the field of mass killing.
I'll expose which I felt after my village was burnt down.
I'll expose those which agonized me when tyrants 
threw hungry babies into the blazing fire.
I'll expose about my book-shelf which was burnt 
along with my dwelling.
I'll expose about those my childhood friends of 
different faiths, who set fire on my village.
I'll expose those how mothers  screamed when 
their families were interred alive.
I'll expose how my heart was terrified due to 
the dreadful sound of ultra explosions surrounded 
like thundering in my ears.
I'll expose those cliff of bloods that flowed 
into the drills instead of water.
I'll expose those scenes where people were 
running away to save their lives.
I wanna expose everything which 
Genocidal government did on us.

But I can't do so, because I'm tired of deadly hurt,
 just visualizing them.
If I knew how to explain all these secret pains, 
rooted in my heart, this poor heart of mine 
with these burdens could find a way to  rest for a while!
Mar 2, 2019 (Sat) 3:57 PM

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