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Friday, December 9, 2016

Here’s a list of 10 longest prison sentences given to criminals

Here’s a list of 10 longest prison sentences given to criminals

By Web Desk

Here’s are the biggest, most baffling prison sentences awarded to criminals, expanding over thousands of years and numerous lifetimes, according to a list by Express.co.uk.

1.       Chamoy Thipyaso – 141,078 years

A Thai woman holds the record for duping 16,000 people in a pyramid scheme that brought her more than $200 million. A judge had sentenced her to 141,078 years in prison over ’corporate fraud’.

2.       Otman el-Gnaoui, Jamal Zougam and Emilio Suarez Trashorras - 42,924 years

The three men were given long sentences by a Spanish court over plotting of Madrid train bombings in 2004.

The bombings claimed 191 lives and injured around 2,000 people. The mastermind, Zougam received 42,922 years, el-Gnaoui 42,922, and Trashorras 34,715 years.

3.       Charles Scott Robinson – 30, 000 years

The third person on the list is a child sex offender from Oklahoma. In 1994, he was given the sentence after he was found guilty of sexually assaulting six children. Jurors said that he should be sentenced 5,000 years per child.

4.       Allan Wayne McLaurin and Darron Bennalford Anderson – 21,000 and 11,000 years

Two men from Oklahoma were given the long sentences over kidnapping, raping and sodomising a woman. In 1993, they received 6,475 years in prison, but a second trial in 1996 landed them harsher sentences. McLaurin got 21,000 years while Anderson received 11,000 years.

5.       Dudley Wayne Kyzer – 10,000 years

The fifth person from the US in 1976, committed triple murder when he walked into his separated wife’s home and killed his wife, her mother and a college student present at that time.

Apart from 10,000 years in prison, Kyzer was given three life sentences for each murder he committed.

6.       Martin Bryant – 1,035 years and 35 life sentences

The main culprit behind Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 (Australia), Bryant gunned down 35 people and injured 23. His was given a life sentence for every murder and 1,035 years without parole in the case.

The incident led to stricter gun control laws in the country.

7.       James Eagen Holmes – 3,318 years and 12 life sentences

Eagan Holmes had opened fire in a cinema in Colorado, where The Dark Knight Rises was screening. The 2013 incident took two lives and injured at least 70. He was given the punishment without parole.

8.       Billy Joe Godfrey – 35 life sentences

Godfrey was found guilty of 35 counts of forced sodomy. His adult stepson also accused him of abuse during childhood. His punishment was equal to 1050 years.

9.       Bobbie Joe Long – 99 years, 28 life sentences, death sentence

Florida-born Joe Long was a serial killer and rapist. He was convicted for raping 50 women and killing around 25 women.

He was an inter-sex person and had a trauma-plagued life, which could have possibly led him to the heinous crimes against women.

10.   Rene Lopez – 1,503 years

Rene Lopez was found to have raped his teenage daughter at least 186 times during a five-year period. He was given the long sentence over refusal to admit guilt.

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